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State of Utah Radioactive Material License UT 2300249
UT Radioactive Material License No. UT2300249, Amendment 25 – 2/14/2020
Timely Renewal – 11/29/12
10 CFR 37 Subpart D Verification Information – 3/17/14

Waste Acceptance Criteria and Forms
Bulk Waste Disposal and Treatment Facilities Waste Acceptance Criteria Rev 10
   Waste Profile
   Waste Description
   SNM Exemption Certification
   PCB Waste Certification
   BWF Shipment Scheduling Form
Containerized Waste Facility Waste Acceptance Criteria Rev 4
   Generator Certification
   CWF Shipment Scheduling Form

11e.(2) Byproduct Materials License
11e.(2) Byproduct Materials License UT2300478 Amendment 3 – 3/15/2022

State-Issued Part B Permit
State-Issued Part B Permit – 7/12/19
State-Issued Part B Permit Renewal – 12/31/12
Part B Plan Approval – 4/14/03

EPA TSCA Coordinated Approval
TSCA Coordinated Approval – 2/19/19

Notices to Facility Mailing List
Notice to Facility Mailing List 10-5-2021
Notice to Facility Mailing List 5-3-2021
Notice to Facility Mailing List 10-28-2020
Notice to Facility Mailing List 07-10-2020
Notice to Facility Mailing List 03-17-2020
Notice to Facility Mailing List 01-6-2020
Notice to Facility Mailing List 10-09-2019
Notice to Facility Mailing List 04-12-2019
Notice to Facillity Mailing List 01-16-2019
Notice of 60 Day Comment Period and Public Infomation Meeting 08-03-2018
Notice to Facility Mailing List - 08/03/2018 

Utah Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control
Utah Generator Site Access Permit